Merry Meet, Welcome, and Hello!  I am The Green Lady. I’m so happy you have found me! Let me introduce myself a bit.  I am married to an amazing man & the love of my life, Bud. He somehow puts up with all my madness, mood swings, and crazy ideas and manages to love me anyways. We have four awesome kids that I’ve been a stay at home mom to and home school.  Our two girls have graduated. One is engaged and about to bless us with our first grandchild, the other is away at her first year of  college. Our twin boys are in high school.

I have a ton of things I love to do. Aside from being my husband’s bookkeeper/office manager, gardening and writing (as if that isn’t enough with with homeschooling & the house, lol) I love to can, preserve, pickle, bake, sew, and find ways to live more simply, healthier, and cheaper. Often the beauty is that in doing one you are also doing the others. Gardening is cheaper than buying it, it’s also healthier, and you’re living more simply, putting less trash and pollutants back into the environment. I follow a natural path, pulling from my native heritage and mixed with my own personal beliefs. I do my best not to offend anyone. There will be an occasional rant here and there, maybe some venting, and my personal thoughts and opinions may fly out. But they are just that, and I will apologize now if some feathers get ruffled. 

I believe in free speech (and I exercise that right), the right to bare arms (I am a proud concealed carrier), freedom of religion (I am a past Christian converted to Pagan), and all of our other Rights. I am a proud American with a family tree filled with past and present veterans from every event since World War 1 when my grandfather served. I love Mother Earth and nature, and believe strongly in the great circle of life and the connection we, as humans, have with all of nature. 

I love to share what I learn, as I believe in helping others. I try to put things in the simplest terms, making it easy for all to understand, and I always test out the methods, tricks, and recipes before I share them. If I haven’t had a chance to I will note it. 

So I hope you will come back and visit, and if you find something helpful please let me know. If you are looking for something and can’t find it feel free to ask and I will see what I can do. I’m very eclectic, so I will be posting a little of everything, lol.  

Until next time,




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